X lockup with 3d game

David Nielsen david at lovesunix.net
Fri Aug 11 01:38:12 UTC 2006

tor, 10 08 2006 kl. 20:13 -0400, skrev Louis Garcia II:
> I am able to play wolfenstien with rawhide as of today on my radeon 9200
> pro + p4 box. When I exit the game I can't get back to the desktop, I
> have to press ctrl+alt+backspace and then logon again. If this is
> unknown I will put it in bugzilla.

Instead of sending all these bugmail to the development list, please go
directly to bugzilla - it has a search function and even if you file a
duplicate bug it's easy to just close it.

Thank you for spending you time to make Fedora better.

- David Nielsen

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