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Re: rawhide report: 20060731 changes - "dejavu-lgc-fonts" mandatory

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 19:54 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le lundi 31 juillet 2006 à 19:33 +0200, Joachim Frieben a écrit :
> > Can't this addition be done in a less intrusive way, namely without imposing
> > "dejavu-lgc-fonts" as system default?
> Previous OO.o required Vera, so nothing to see there, it's not more (or
> less) broken than before

Well, requiring these fonts is a "good thing" as OOo needs outline fonts
to do anything useful, and e.g. we have no other proper greek outline
fonts, and it improves the italic and bold support of the vera-style set
of fonts without recourse to fake italic/bold over Vera.

At the same time, installing the dejavu-lgcc package changes the
fontconfig fallbacks in some ways which is a problem, e.g. 
fc-match "Thorndale AMT" should really behave the same as 
fc-match "Times New Roman"
regardless of if dejavu-lgc is installed or not

Personally I'd prefer if the deja fonts were slotted into the fontconfig
confs in positions just above the vera fonts, instead of with "prepend"
which is effectively slotting them at the top of the "serif" and
"sans-serif" and "mono" sections.


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