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Re: rawhide report: 20060731 changes - "dejavu-lgc-fonts" mandatory

Le Mar 1 août 2006 06:23, Caolan McNamara a écrit :

> Personally I'd prefer if the deja fonts were slotted into the fontconfig
> confs in positions just above the vera fonts, instead of with "prepend"
> which is effectively slotting them at the top of the "serif" and
> "sans-serif" and "mono" sections.

IMHO when you use the fontconfig aliases in a document you can get fonts
with any metric, so if people want microsoft-compatible metrics we should
just create specific Arial/Times New Roman/Courier substitution tables
(and not rely on the generic ones).

But fontconfig in general while a great font backend is suffering from
under-documented config grammar, which means the default conf sucks a tad
and no one knows how to change it sanely.

If you care about this you should drop on ##fonts Freenode at 12:00 UTC


Nicolas Mailhot

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