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Re: PC speaker fixed (was: Re: FC6 and cdburning)

Chuck Anderson wrote :

> On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 03:37:48PM -0700, Steve G wrote:
> > 
> > >Is the need here is for a feature request for system-config-soundcard
> > >to have a turn on/off speaker in it... for the user who needs it
> > >off/on?
> > 
> > I'd say so. There are just to many yappy programs. Do you really need to hear a
> > beep when doing tab completion?
> Try these:
> .inputrc:
> set prefer-visible-bell
> #set bell-style visible
> set bell-style none
> .tcshrc:
> set visiblebell
> set matchbeep   = nomatch
> .emacs:
> (setq visible-bell t)

GDM will still beep on startup by default, won't it?

And this will only affect local shells, not remote shells accessed
through ssh, right?

I'm part of those who live fine without the working internal speaker.
I'd simply disconnect it if it was possible, unfortunately this is a

I now know that I can simply blacklist the kernel module, but I'd
really prefer a more user-friendly way of achieving the same thing,
like for instance by just muting the PC Speaker ALSA mixer channel...


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