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Re: mirrorlist plugin broken?

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 19:23 +0200, Florian La Roche wrote:
> > > Ok, I'll have to ping some other people on this.
> > 
> > The only problem I have with updating the original mirror lists is that
> > the mirrors are not always out of sync. sometimes they're only out of
> > sync for a day or so. So fixing them would mean having to put back the
> > broken mirror later if it suddenly resynchronized.
> > 
> > Now, if I got the time I wouldn't mind putting all the mirror results in
> > a little database and tracking them over time. so that mirrors that are
> > in sync the majority of the time don't get checked as often or some such
> > thing.
> So this should be the following code then:
>             for m in mirrors:
>                 if m.timestamps.has_key(arch):
>                     if m.timestamps[arch] == canon.timestamps[arch]:
>                         if debug: print 'adding %s' % m.url
>                         glob_urls.append(m.url)
>                     if m.country:
>                         if not country_specific.has_key(m.country):
>                             country_specific[m.country] = []
>                         if debug: print 'adding to %s: %s' % (m.country, m.url)
>                         country_specific[m.country].append(m.url)
> Items I could think off:
> - Timestamps are only checked for the big list, not for the per-country lists.
fixed in cvs. Thank you - I just hadn't indented it one layer :)

> - You could also allow all timestamps which are not older than 2 days in addition
>   to the exact match (which will then depend on good time setting on the machine
>   doing the checks). Another possibility would be to allow older timestamps if their
>   delta to the current timestamp is not too high, but that would then depend on
>   frequent updates to go out.

but that means the repos don't match  - which will play hell when
retrieving metadata. I thought about this one a while and decided it's
either an exact match or it is a failure.


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