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Re: acpi

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 05:37am, HM Eng.Prowip wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 August 2006 09:05, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
> > Give it a shot!
> good
> I use latest FC-5 kernel, somewhat stripped for my notebook (Acer Aspire)
> I use gaugush's DSDT in initrd solution in order to use my custom DSDT,
> works fine, no errors
> but my battery life is real short

On every notebook I have, RHL/FC has always had noticeably worse battery life 
than SUSE (personally, I dual boot), going back just over 4 years now.  I 
have run Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Knoppix CDs a couple of times, but not enough to 
be able to compare them, either.  Several people I know have mentioned 
noticing similarly short battery life with FC compared to other distros.

> I use the same notebook and same DSDT for booting FreeBSd and get then
> almost double battery life

I haven't tried running any *BSD on here, so I don't know about that.

> also/or, seems that FC5 is not charging up to max capacity, I get battery
> full notice very fast, then I boot FreeBSD and it still charge it for 30
> minutes
> the fixes I have in the DSDT are exactly about the battery, even if FC5
> does not report the errors when not using a custom table the battery life
> is even shorter
> Is there something I could check/do about it?

I would love to see battery life with Fedora right up there with the other 
Linux & BSD systems.  I don't know what to try, either.  So far, I've just 
resigned myself to the fate that battery life is just going to be shorter 
with Fedora.
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