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Re: Fedora's Userfiendliness (was Re: Leaving?)

Chris Chabot wrote:
Honestly as hard as i know it is for people to let go of a feeling of 'vengance', no where in my post did i mention anything related to 'non opensource'.

I know some of this thread was about nvidia drivers related to xorg 7.1, however please, keep an open mind to what people are trying to say. if not the bitterness you feel for one subject will make you blind to other wisdoms.

As Hans's thread read "this is *NOT* about the aiglx/nvidia example", very few people seemed to grasp this concept, and thought his only intrest was to fuel an ever expanding flame war? Not so .. there was a very good different point in there, that had nothing to do with the 'open source vs not open source drivers' debate.

If this discussion has nothing to do with the current thread, start a new one and dont mention the same topic there and please keep the discussion related to actual development rather than opinions and editorials in this list.

As is the same with this editorial, and discussions on digg/slashdot..

The point i was trying to illustrate (and mentioned before in a few of my posts), is that we shouldn't loose focus on the spit-and-polish, keeping the end users in mind, not losing our ever important market and more importantly, mind share..

Its more or less well understood that Fedora's current focus has not been very much into integration and polish and that should change for the better with more people working on the problem and contributing or changing the focus a bit more towards that.

We are having a ongoing board discussion about bringing more guidelines on updates and other related things "inspired" by this discussion and we will have the results in due time.

The level of useful opinions expressed in this thread is going down and people are lumping altogether different issues or talking in circles. Time to move on.


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