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Re: acpi

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 11:46, Lamont R. Peterson wrote:
> I would love to see battery life with Fedora right up there with the other
> Linux & BSD systems.  I don't know what to try, either.  So far, I've just
> resigned myself to the fate that battery life is just going to be shorter
> with Fedora.

humm, not so very satisfying this statement ...

I run almost the same kde desktop config on both and I use no lcd dimm, only 
the standard amd k8 cool'n quite technology which works fine under FreeBSD, 
almost use only kmail and konsole and I am almost ever connected with my wl 
card onboard

with FC5 I tried different powersaving profiles what in fact did not matter 
anything (unless I closed the lid of course), also my processor does not jump 
to higher speeds nor the fan speed goes up a lot so my guess is that this is 
some acpi battery issue. 

If it was something else the battery could run down faster but that still is 
no explanation why it isn't be fully charged.


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