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On Wednesday 02 August 2006 11:47am, Andy Green wrote:
> Lamont R. Peterson wrote:
> > However, if I sit here doing nothing (not logged in, even), this thing
> > will die in only 25 minutes, max.  If I turn the LCD backlight off
> > entirely, I get about 30 minutes.  The battery is old, so I'm sure the
> > sensors aren't entirely to blame for this discrepancy.  This is with FC5,
> > but I'm using the 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5 kernel because something is wrong
> > with the initrd images produced after that preventing them from booting
> > (but that's a different conversation).
> Next time you're in SuSE it would be interesting to compare the idle
> battery drain numbers,

I'm planning on doing that, though, I don't know when it will be.

> but I guess it will be hard to track down from 
> which direction the problem is coming if they are radically different.
> You could progressively disable peripherals in /etc/modprobe.conf I
> guess.  It can be something like leaving the 3D unit or Wifi radio
> powered up.  The fans.  Or maybe even how ALSA leaves the speakers when
> nothing plays.

Yeah, could be just about anything.

> What kind of 'die' is it?  If it is an orderly kind of shutdown maybe
> the problem is even coming from the threshold where it is decided to
> shutdown.

Not orderly, just like pulling the battery.

> I must say this laptop, Samsung Q35, was advertised as having a 7 hour
> battery life.  I haven't timed it but it is something along the lines of
> a 2h 30m under FC5,

Very common tale, unfortunately.  I think the notebook makers are all running 
some kind of "turn-it-all-off" mode in testing and then the marketing people 
are using that absolute maximum battery life number.  It would be really nice 
if they'd just publish realistic numbers.

> with laptop mode but admittedly not at the lowest 
> brightness.  It would be wonderful if that was due to some kernel
> configuration choices that could be undone, but I doubt it :-)

There's always hope, until there isn't. :)

> It won't 
> come back up from Hibernate either.

I've never been able to get hibernate to work on this notebook under Fedora.  
Works great under SUSE.  In fact, both my notebooks hibernate just fine under 
SUSE, but never under Fedora.
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