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Re: Fedora's Userfiendliness (was Re: Leaving?)

On 8/2/06, Chris Chabot <chabotc xs4all nl> wrote:

 Honestly as hard as i know it is for people to let go of a feeling of
'vengance', no where in my post did i mention anything related to 'non

 I know some of this thread was about nvidia drivers related to xorg 7.1,
however please, keep an open mind to what people are trying to say. if not
the bitterness you feel for one subject will make you blind to other

 As Hans's thread read "this is *NOT* about the aiglx/nvidia example", very
few people seemed to grasp this concept, and thought his only intrest was to
fuel an ever expanding flame war? Not so .. there was a very good different
point in there, that had nothing to do with the 'open source vs not open
source drivers' debate.

I've never use Ubuntu, so I don't know how it feels/looks/works, but
apart from closed/proprietary drivers, patented audio/video codecs and
such, in what ways is Ubuntu more user friendly than Fedora? I believe
outlining such areas would be useful for Fedora developers and
contributors to know.


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