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Why is Ubunutu better (was: Re: Fedora's Userfiendliness (was Re: Leaving?))

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 17:18, Chris Chabot wrote:
> I'm actually considering writing such a mail quite soon, non FLOSS is
> not what makes Ubuntu 'nice' to end users, its the spit and polish,
> enabled by default NetworkManager, better icons and themes, consistent
> colors, application intergration, and a few more things..

NetworkManager doesn't work for a lot of user scenarios, like wanting to have 
network on before a user logs in, static IPs reliably, etc...  Until these 
issues are fixed we'd be doing one set of users a disservice while trying to 
please another set.

"Better icons and themes" well, that's a matter of getting artists to 
contribute to Fedora.  How many artists that have contributed to Ubuntu have 
looked at what Ubuntu licenses their artwork as?  Is there anything formal in 
place?  We've been dealing with that issue in Fedora land, we want to make it 
easy for artists to contribute while not stomping on their rights and our own 
as well.

Consistent colors?  I thought things were pretty consistant in FC5 with the 
shipped theme...

Application integration.  That's sufficiently vague enough for a /. post (:

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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