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How to get gutenprint into FC6?


I know, FC6T2 is approaching, feature freeze was some days ago and it's
quite late for this sort of thing.  But I'd like to try this anyway on
my never ending mission "improve hardware support in Fedora" (*1).

I'd like to get gutenprint (http://gutenprint.sf.net), successor of
gimp-print into FC6. Why? Well, the main reason: it supports a lot of
printers that are otherwise unsupported. Gimp-Print 4.2.7 (from Jul
2004) supports 554 printers, gutenprint 5.0 supports 732 printers (both
numbers according to linuxprinting.org). And there are a lot of
important new and currently shipping printers that are supported in
gutenprint, but not in gimp-print.

That's the main reason, but there are also a lot of other improvements
in gutenprint 5.0 -- those people interested in details can read them in
the release notes

There is already a gutenprint package updater review for Extras at:
But Hardware support IMHO is something that belongs in Core if possible
(e.g. in this case). So how do we get this done? The maintainer of
gimp-print in Core lacks hardware to test the package.


(*1) -- we still don't have a Intel 945GM driver for FC5 -- we got
updated nv drivers some days ago, but i810 wasn't updated to 1.5.1 --
but that one should work on 945GM according to

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