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Re: Fedora's Userfiendliness (was Re: Leaving?)

Chris Chabot <chabotc xs4all nl> wrote:

>An interesting editorial on this topic, that might sum up some of the 
>feelings that some people have been feeling:

That editorial, without further context, has net negative information content.

You can basically sum it up as "Ubuntu RuleZ! Red Hat Sux0rs!"; it's a pure
Appeal to Emotion, which I guess is why you say it relates to "the feelings that
some people have been feeling." You might as well quote song lyrics or a poem.

If there are specific, technical, differences between Fedora Core and Ubuntu
where there is an argument that the Ubuntu way is preferable according to some
set of criteria, then please bring those issues up (that's not a snide comment,
I would really like to know).

To avoid confusing the issue, and allow each point to be evaluated on its
merits, I would suggest posting one thread for each distinct topic.

Note that if the difference in question cannot be resolved with a patch, then
its discussion probably belongs on a different list.

  «I also need a longer attention sp- Ooh! Feet!» — Loz Pycock

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