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Collecting and fixing pet peeve bugs

Hi all,

I've been thinking for a while about how we (the community) could help
making Core better, since Core is the foundation on which we all build
and since @redhat people can only do so much, I believe it is vital that
we as the community get involved in helping Core.

Helping Core can be done in many ways, many of which require
infrastructural support. I don't want to talk about those,
infrastructure and procedural discussions is not my thing. I'm more of a
show me the code type.

As such I would like to build a list with everyone's favorite / pet
peeve bugs, or iow the bugs which annoy you the most. Preferably bugs
which impact a wider audience then just you and which are fixable by
mere mortals like myself :). Now the first question would be where to
store this list, please post your comments to this  list for now. And to
any wikie maintainers reading this, I think this needs a wiki page, agreed?

So everyone please post your bugs here, here are mine:

* I've already mailed todo about the not autoloading of joydev.ko bug:
And after sinking my teeth into this, a fix has now been reported in BZ,
and hopefully should show up in a kernel near you soon :)

* Another bug which has been annoying me is the fact that gnome will no
longer start 3 xterms when I login even though xterm is listed 3 times
in the non sm programs to start list, appearantly someone thought it
would be smart to filter duplicates out of this list :| see:

I've got a pretty good idea how to fix this one (for me atleast) the
sorting dups might be a good idea, but if the dups have different
arguments then they really aren't dups imho, which would fix this for
me. Anyone want to beat me writing a patch for this? (I've got other
priorities atm).



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