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Re: Collecting and fixing pet peeve bugs

Dnia 04-08-2006, pią o godzinie 15:39 +0200, Hans de Goede napisał(a):
> bugs
> which impact a wider audience then just you and which are fixable by
> mere mortals like myself :)
From my bugs list, there are three really simple to fix issues, but I
have to fix them on every new install and every package update (so
they're my pet peeves) and there are working patches attached:

(UTF-8 not really working - this is a really wide audience if you use
non-curses/readline programs)

(mc on non-UTF-8 terminals - many people are forced to use 8 bit
encodings because so many applications don't support recoding of old

(gnome-terminal not treating ^- as ^_ - the audience may not be so wide
in this case :))

Let me repeat that there are working patches attached which may not be
best to do the job, but work for few people already.


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