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Re: Upgrade Mesa to latest Mesa-CVS?

Adam Jackson wrote:
> Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Adam Jackson <ajackson <at> redhat.com> writes:
>>> Requires moderately non-trivial fixes to the X server build system
>>> too, which is why I haven't done it yet.  Probably should do though. 
>>> I just hate to be in a situation where we're shipping CVS bits in
>>> FC6; I keep hoping Mesa will hurry up and release a 6.5.1 already.
>> Anything I can do to help? Are you really planning on updating mesa for
>> FC-6, or would it be worth my time to see if I can isolate a few
>> important r300 fixes and backport those?
> Planning a backport, yes.  There are apparently enough Intel and <=R200
> issues fixed in CVS that it should just be done whole.  Hopefully 6.5.1
> happens Really Freaking Soon so I don't have to ship CVS bits in FC6.
> That said, if updated srpms for mesa and xorg-x11-server were to
> magically appear in Bugzilla for me, I certainly wouldn't object ;)

Magically appearing SRPM for latest mesa-CVS filed here:

I've been using this with great success on an x86_64 in both 64 and 32
bit mode (I compiled it in a 32 bit chroot and installed the result on
my 64 bit Fedora for use with googleearth).

You also speak about xorg-x11-server changes, I haven't got any for you
as things work fine for me with the current xorg-x11-server in RawHide.



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