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dmraid adventures and 'challenges'

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if someone was going thru the same dmraid 'challenges' as me and had figured out a solution to boot the recent (-25xx) kernels, since i now seem to be unable too (again)

First some historical background.. I've gotten a Dell XPS600 system about 6 months ago, it comes with all kinds of goodnesses, including 2x250gb serial ata disks in 'hardware assisted' raid0 mode, specifically with a a nVidia Intel SLI motherboard and its "nVidia Corporation CK804" serial ata controller / raid.

Before Fedora Core 4.9x, it was impossible to run linux on this machine since the raid set was not supported but then in the Fedora Core 4.9x (fc5 test 1 and 2) releases it worked just fine .. no sweat.. insert cd, sometimes fiddle with configs a little bit, and i was up and running! Also FC5 seemed to work great out of the box (2054 kernel), sometimes i hit some great glitches of not booting because of the 'dm-striped device sizes must be a multiple of chunk-size for 2.6.16 kernels' bug (well some call it a feature :-)), for a while i was forced to run older kernels until i figured out how to fix it thru some magical dmsetup and friends commands

Then came FC5 updates, and the updated kernels didn't work on my dmraid set .. Turned out some of my problems were caused by the init script in the initrd images, which wasn't adding the 'dmraid setup' commands, ergo no root disks, no linux :-)

And for a while now, all the way upto the 2.6.17 24xx kernels, i've been able to update my kernels by gunzipping / cpio'ing / editing the init script / packaging it back up into a new initrd.img file ..

However since a week or so (maybe 2 ? i'm not sure), this trick didn't work anymore .. the good news was that the dmraid setup commands were now automaticly included in the init script again, however despite their presence at boot i am now supprised by no error reports, until the 'could not mount the root device' comes up and tells me that this attempt was an utter failure.

I've diffed the init scripts from my working booting kernel (which is 2.6.17-1.2364 for some obscure historical but unknown to me reason) and the one in 2517, and there were no differences, so everything should work right! :-)

Anyone been having the same problems and been able to figure out what now is making booting impossible? I'd be positively delighted to learn how to fix it again :-)

Kindest Regards,

   -- Chris Chabot

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