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Re: EXTRAVERSION ignores "-" when making kernel from src.rpm

Paul Howarth wrote:
Jay Cliburn wrote:
Is there a way to get the "-" included as part of the EXTRAVERSION field when making a Fedora kernel? If I change EXTRAVERSION = -foo in the master Makefile, I end up with an rpm named kernel-2.6.15foo. I've tried escaping the dash, double-quoting the entire EXTRAVERSION field, and manually setting KERNELVERSION = 2.6.15-foo, but nothing seems to work.

You would end up with a dash is the version number, which is not an allowed character. The last two dashes in a (default) RPM name separate the version and release from the package name.

But if I follow the directions in the release notes, I get an incorrectly named rpm, to wit:


It should be 2.6.15-1.whatever, not 2.6.151.whatever

Here's the relevant section from the release notes.

Every kernel gets a name based on its version number. This is the value the uname -r command displays. The kernel name is defined by the first four lines of the kernel Makefile. The Makefile has been changed to generate a kernel with a different name from that of the running kernel. To be accepted by the running kernel, a module must be compiled for a kernel with the correct name. To do this, you must edit the kernel Makefile.

For example, if the uname -r returns the string 2.6.15-1.1948_FC5 , change the EXTRAVERSION definition from this:


to this:


That is, substitute everything from the final dash onward.

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