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Re: Upgrade Mesa to latest Mesa-CVS?

Hans de Goede wrote:
Adam Jackson wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:
Well appearantly it does include GLUT in a CVS checkout.
Which is why we hack the buildsystem to not build it.  It's
redistributable but not free.  And of course, since we don't build it,
we never needed to add the BuildReq on libXi-devel.

Kristian started merging our patchset into Mesa 6.5.1 yesterday, should
be out soonish I hope after we do some smoketesting.
So 6.5.1 is out, cool! May I ask for your attention to the
mesa-cvs-r300-smooth-line.patch patch which is in the SRPM I "attached" too:

Uh, I wrote this wrong, should have been "merging our patchset into the CVS SRPM you did". I only which 6.5.1 were out...

Get the SRPM directly here:

This might be a good starting point for the patchset as it contains the
patchset in Fedora's SRPM ported to a pretty rescent mesa-CVS.

Yeah, we'll pop that in.  Thanks!

- ajax

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