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aug 9th boot.iso kernel panic

I tried to do an ftp install of the august 9th rawhide and I get a kernel panic. I think stage2 downloads but I am not sure. During or after the stage2 download I get blue screens with lines of gargabe text. Something like 2 screens full of: ASDLKJFA;KLSDJFL;WUW68W4SIEHJTAS;DKLTSJL;DKTAHUS;DG
but with funny characters and various length lines.

If I press Ctrl-Alt-Del I get a black screen with the kernel panic on it. Here is the little I can provide. There is at least another screen of information that I can't get:

code: 00 C7 03 00 01 10 00 8B 5D FC C9 C3 55 89 E5 57 89 C7 56 89 D6 53 8B 41 04 89 CB 39 D0 74 17 50 52 68 87 A3 61 C0 E8 D0 04 F4 FF <0F> 0B 1A 00 3C A3 61 C0 83 C4 0C 8B 06 39 D8 74 13 50 53 68 C1
EIP: [<C04D6515>] __LIST_ADD+0x1f/0x59 SS:ESP 0068:cffc9d2c

The system is a tyan tiger S1832 motherboard (P3 850Mhz) with 256MB of RAM. It has an adaptec 2930U2 scsi card with 2 scsi hard drives. The network is an Intel 1000/GT which works great on FC5. Video card is a Number Nine Revolution IV (32MB) and a SGI 1600SW digital LCD panel.


PS. Is there a way to get the full kernel panic text dumped to a usb thumb drive? The system does not have a floopy drive and I don't have a second PC near by to use the serial console.

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