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Re: Prevent packages from switching from repo to repo

On 8/6/06, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
Benjy Grogan <benjy.grogan <at> gmail.com> writes:
> Is there a way of preventing a package from updating to a more recent
> package from another repo?  I have several repos enabled, and I
> noticed today that one package was set to be updated to one from
> another repo.  So package foo from Fedora Extras was going to be
> updated to a new release ( minor/major version the same though) from
> Livna.  Seems like that's almost always unwanted behaviour.  Is there
> a way of avoiding these situations with yum, and then in turn possibly
> with Pup?

If you mean comical, that one is permanently moving to Livna (getting dropped
from Extras) because of licensing issues with the included RAR decompression
code. See:

Yep, it's Comical.  Is this that rare of a situation that you can
pinpoint the rpm?  In this case I don't mind the repo switch if Extras
no longer will hold Comical.  But shouldn't there be a warning message
that pops up when a repo switch occurs?  It's not really a situation
of prohibiting this behaviour with protectbase, or allowing it by
default, but more or less being able to be aware that the rpm is being
pulled from another repo.  I was curious and discovered this in the
details.  Seems like a feature that would be worth putting into Pup,
along with the standard 'do you want to see this warning in the


        Kevin Kofler

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