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Re: Config dialog on every login?

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Brian Pepple wrote:
>> some time ago I created a bugzilla report against the package
>> mail-notification in FC5 extras. The report has been closed as "WONTFIX"
>> but the reasons for that resolution are not comprehensible to me. The
>> bug report does not deal with some application specific problems but
>> rather general behavior of applications. Thus, I post this message to
>> the devel list asking you to give your opinion about the issue.
> I agree with Thorsten that this should be handled upstream.

This would be the best solution, of course. Thorsten already tried to
convince the author of Mail Notification to remove the autostart
feature, without success. I didn't try it myself yet, because I am not
sure whether the application behaves "bad" or not by doing this
autostart thing. Do you think this feature should be removed?

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