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Re: Config dialog on every login?

Le jeudi 10 août 2006 à 16:33 +0200, Joachim Selke a écrit :
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> Brian Pepple wrote:
> >> some time ago I created a bugzilla report against the package
> >> mail-notification in FC5 extras. The report has been closed as "WONTFIX"
> >> but the reasons for that resolution are not comprehensible to me. The
> >> bug report does not deal with some application specific problems but
> >> rather general behavior of applications. Thus, I post this message to
> >> the devel list asking you to give your opinion about the issue.
> > 
> > I agree with Thorsten that this should be handled upstream.
> This would be the best solution, of course. Thorsten already tried to
> convince the author of Mail Notification to remove the autostart
> feature, without success. I didn't try it myself yet, because I am not
> sure whether the application behaves "bad" or not by doing this
> autostart thing. Do you think this feature should be removed?

Sounds like a perfect testcase for the usability project

Nicolas Mailhot

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