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Re: some closure on the xorg updates issue

Kevin Kofler wrote:
The decision is probably set in stone now anyway, but just my 2 cents:

Max Spevack <mspevack <at> redhat.com> writes:
1) The xorg update is of benefit to Fedora users who do not depend on proprietary drivers for their video cards.


2) As such, this update would be bad for users who do rely on proprietary drivers, mainly because those proprietary drivers are not updated to function properly with the new xorg code. Users who upgrade will be in a tough spot until their proprietary software vendors relese updates.

ATI has already updated their driver, if NVidia won't do the same, that's really their problem.

3) The Fedora Project does not support any sort of proprietary software. "Once free, always free".


In short, it's a major change with only modest benefit, and a better solution is coming soon.

And what IS that "better solution"?

A well defined updates policy with the release engineering team to grant exceptions when required.

Draft at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UpdatesPolicy

IMHO, this sets a really bad precedent. Do we really want Fedora to become the next Debian Stable? Many users on the list have indicated they are running Fedora precisely because they want current software, not obsolete crap which happens to cooperate well with proprietary software, which as you say is not even supported.

No need to trash talk other distributions. We have always withheld some updates from the general releases. We just need to define the criteria to withhold updates in a better way.


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