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Re: rawhide report: 20060811 changes

>> > >New package compat-gcc-34
>> > >     Compatibility GNU Compiler Collection
>> > >
>> > >
>> >
>> > Why is this needed in Fedora Core?
>> 1) GCC 3.4.6 is the last one to ship with G77, while Gfortran is quite
>> far
>>    even in the Fortran77 compatibility, it is not yet there and some
>> people
>>    have huge Fortran77 codebases, not to mention that Gfortran runtime
>>    is in any case ABI incompatible with G77 runtime
>> 2) similarly, not all third party C++ sources are ready for GCC 4.1.x, so
>>    a secondary compiler is often handy until they manage to rewrite it
>> 3) in the end, all that changed from previous amount of binary packages
>>    is the addition of one new src.rpm - as many compat-gcc-32 subpackages
>>    were nuked at the same time as the number of added compat-gcc-34
>>    subpackages
> So it was added just for Fortran77? If this is the case why can't it
> be in extras as I'm pretty sure there are no dependancies on Fortran
> in Core. Also does it mean it replaces the compat-gcc-32 packages?

No it's very useful to C++ developpers. Unlike C, there are important
changes between g++ 3.x and g++ 4, some that sometimes require massive
rewrites. I think this belongs in Core, as a replacement to compat-gcc-32.

Yes, I have no doubt about that but unless there's something in Core
that needs it its no harder to have it in Extras.


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