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Re: Wither Bling?

On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 16:53 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Thomas J. Baker (tjb unh edu) said: 
> > So what's the thinking on fc6 bling? Why was composite compiled out of
> > metacity as opposed to just using the gconf key? Is it going to be
> > compiz for bling and metacity for no bling? (That's a sad christmas for
> > me because compiz is too buggy compared to metacity on my ATI R250
> > laptop).
> Yes, that's the plan going forward.
> Bill

So when you say going forward, do you mean for the fc6 time frame, or is
the composite manager going to be dropped from metacity? 

Compiz has spectacular bling but lacks certain basic window manager
features (like toggleable vertical and horizontal maximize) that I had
in sawfish, lost in metacity for a while but just got back in fc5, and
now will lose again in compiz. Metacity has good bling and solid window
manager functions (and a killer close window animation.)

So if I have to rebuild metacity myself, how do I re-enable compositing?
I looked at the spec and I can't see where it explicitly disables it and
the configure script seems to assume that it's on (only
--disable-composite seems to be valid.)


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