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Re: some closure on the xorg updates issue

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Agreed for things like gnome 2.x -> 2.(x+2), but hardware support is a special case IMHO. Consider this hypothetical example:

early april 20xx: FCx get releases with Xorg y.z
mid april 20xx: Xorg y.(z+1) gets released with new drivers
end april 20xx: Intel releases Chipset G1015 with integrated graphics
early may 20xx: Intel releases updated drivers for G1015 that require Xorg y.(z+1)

Those buying a Mainboard with G1015 need a solution then. They don't want to wait 5 month until the next proper FC release. Or 2 month for a beta (and most people don't want to run a beta).

So what is the solution you are suggesting? The balance we are trying to reach here is avoid regressions while being a fast moving distribution. We don't have the resources to backport fixes in Fedora in many cases.


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