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Re: some closure on the xorg updates issue

Max Spevack wrote:
4) The number of Fedora users who, due to the hardware that they own, are forced to rely on proprietary video drivers is significant enough for us to be concerned about breaking their systems.
Isn't this one of the beautiful things of RPM, which can have Conflicts set so user's systems will not be broken be an automatic (unattended?), or manual yum update? Do we not expect Fedora users to be savvy enough to get the dependency error, Google around a bit, and yum --exclude=xorg update?

So there is a balance to be struck -- on one side you have the desire to not make concessions to proprietary software vendors, but on the other side you have the very real problem of unnecessarily breaking the systems of users.
If together with the above, since it won't break user's systems, won't this allow xorg to be updated?

Just my € 0.02


Jeroen van Meeuwen, LPIC-1, MCP
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