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Re: some closure on the xorg updates issue

fre, 11 08 2006 kl. 16:37 +0200, skrev Leszek Matok:
> Dnia 11-08-2006, pią o godzinie 16:13 +0200, David Nielsen napisał(a):
> > The good news is that Intel started working with us
> Oh really? Haven't you heard Intel's IP is one of the reasons that
> nVidia can't release the source for their driver? If that's the case, to
> "work with us" they have to give nVidia and AMD the written permission
> to open source their code with Intel IP.

They promised us day 0 open source support for chipsets, wifi and
videocards at OLS and a few days ago we saw the first code:


It's all the rage, time to give Intel a pat on the back for doing the
right thing.

> > AMD/ATI are talking
> > about releasing free drivers for at least a subset of their products.
> URL? If you're talking about
> http://www.infoworld.com/article/06/08/02/32OPcurve_1.html that
> everybody is citing everywhere, it's speculation (they are "considering"
> - nice PR try) and in many peoples opinion it's talking about subset of
> driver functions, not products (like whole driver). It means the best
> thing we're going to get is free 2D driver (as "nv" is subset of
> "nvidia" driver functionality).
> Nothing to see here at this point.

I'd give ATI/AMD a bit more time, the merger is still less than a month
old and honestly I don't expect miracles but I'm sure since AMD have
been friendly to us in the past, that they will work more closely with
us. I say give them time and encouragement, I'm sure we'll hear more
when it is prudent. They've gotten good feedback on the article so I'm
sure that they'll consider it. Basically right now we have good support
for r200, r300 and r400 cards hopefully that will hold us over till they
make a decision and if that goes in our favor then great if not then we
are no worse off than we are now.

- David Nielsen

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