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Re: Wither Bling?

Adam Jackson wrote:
dragoran wrote:
Bill Nottingham wrote:
dragoran (dragoran feuerpokemon de) said:
Yes, that's the plan going forward.
I is there any reason to turn it off? if someone wants it it can be enabled using gconf (off by default), so why isn't it compiled in?

Because having two separate upstream efforts on compositing WMs, effects,
etc. was deemed to be wasteful; better to have a single compositing WM
and work on making the transition as seamless as possible.


does compiz still forces me to have 4 virtual desktops? I prefer having 2 (thats why I hatet compiz last time I tryed it using XGL), and some would perfer having more than 4 (which was not supported last time when I tyred it)

It definitely supports more than 4. If it doesn't support fewer that can be considered a bug...

- ajax

ok should I fill this in redhats bugzilla or is there a upstream one?

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