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Re: some closure on the xorg updates issue

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006, Kevin Kofler wrote:

IMHO, this sets a really bad precedent. Do we really want Fedora to become the next Debian Stable? Many users on the list have indicated they are running Fedora precisely because they want current software, not obsolete crap which happens to cooperate well with proprietary software, which as you say is not even supported. I must say I'm one of these people. For those who don't want version upgrades, there are plenty of other distros available (e.g. that U word everyone gets spammed with these days ;-) but there are others too).

A couple of responses (that echo some of the points made elsewhere in the thread):

+ I'm not interested in doing precedent setting with this. The Board made the call that we ultimately felt was best in *this instance* -- we weren't making the decision for all future cases as well.

+ fc6test2 already has the updated code. fc6-gold will clearly have it also. So I don't think we're all of a sudden a non-innovative distribution.

+ We're also not saying that there will never be another xorg update for fc5. We're just not doing one *right now*.

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