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mailinglists (Was: Re: evolution crashes)

Thorsten Leemhuis schrieb:
Jesse Keating schrieb:

But it seems the people don't get the differences between fedora-devel and fedora-test list. Mostly not their fault AFAICS. We IMHO need to make the differences more clear. I'd vote for a special fedora-development-tree-list to make it more obvious, but I know people won't like yet another mailinglist (fedora-test-list could stay and handle updates-testing stuff for stable releases). fedora-devel should IMHO stay only for general discussions ("Xorg 7.1 as FC5 update" and stuff like that).

Followup to myself: Or we simply scratch fedora-test-list to get rid of this problem completely.

Further: The purpose for fedora-maintainers seems also not completely clear afaics. It's a nice list to announce stuff to all maintainers, but sometimes there are discussions held there that in my eyes would be more suitable on fedora-devel or fedora-extras-list.


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