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Re: mailinglists (Was: Re: evolution crashes)

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Thorsten Leemhuis schrieb:
Jesse Keating schrieb:

But it seems the people don't get the differences between fedora-devel and fedora-test list. Mostly not their fault AFAICS. We IMHO need to make the differences more clear. I'd vote for a special fedora-development-tree-list to make it more obvious, but I know people won't like yet another mailinglist (fedora-test-list could stay and handle updates-testing stuff for stable releases). fedora-devel should IMHO stay only for general discussions ("Xorg 7.1 as FC5 update" and stuff like that).

Followup to myself: Or we simply scratch fedora-test-list to get rid of this problem completely.

No. We need it to announce test updates and QA efforts are going to be discussed more in the future there.


Further: The purpose for fedora-maintainers seems also not completely clear afaics. It's a nice list to announce stuff to all maintainers, but sometimes there are discussions held there that in my eyes would be more suitable on fedora-devel or fedora-extras-list.

Fedora maintainers was created due to the huge amount of unnecessary noise in this list on various occasions. If a Fedora maintainers discussion happens that would only apply to Fedora Extras, feel free to redirect people to the appropriate list.

In general, the "problem" of people discussing development bugs in this list is not very big as much as random people jumping in with their opinions on things not related to Fedora development in anyway. We cant be periodically having a purpose of the list discussion.


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