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Re: The bug squad is hiring!

Rahul wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi All,

I've been thinking about this some more and although I still firmly
believe in the basic ideas behind this (taping into the community to
help fix high impact / annoying bugs), I don't feel like pulling the
kart / spearheading the effort. so I won't be adding something to the
wiki, mainly because I have the feeling it won't be used much as the
response to this thread sofar has been minimal.

Maybe I also have been going the wrong way, because I believe that in
order for the community to help fix bugs, the package maintainer who
could use / wants / needs the communities help should get involved.
Maybe he should not only be involved but he should be taking the
initiative to ask the community for help, that way the volunteers have
guarantees that their work will get integrated. Currently my experience
with this has been a bit frustrating. In order to be able to help in
many cases I will need some pointers (general direction) where to look.
And sofar replies to requests for such general directions have been absent.

If there was any questions, I left unanswered let me know.

No it wasn't you the "problems" were:
-lack of response from the maintainer / assignee in BZ tickets on
 which I was working
-Lack of fellow volunteers so that this could be a real team / group
 effort (Thanks for the offer Dennis).

In the one case where I did manage to locate and fix a bug after a
couple of hours of debugging, the fix for this hasn't been integrated
yet (its a very simple 1 line fix which is obviously correct).

So to make a long story short I will still be trying to help out by
cherry picking some bugs and trying to fix this, but I hereby cease any
activities to try and create a coordinated community bug squashing effort.

Still any Core developers overwelmed with bugs who need a hand feel free
to ask me, and I think / guess you should feel free to ask the community
in general, that might be the better way to get the community involved
in helping with the enormous amount of bugs (of much varying severity).

I would agree that we need a few more people involved in the effort and the results can be less than rewarding on many occasions. Maybe Will Woods can lead this effort.

Maybe, I'm always willing to help out with something like this and you've got my email :)



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