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Re: Attention kernel module project packagers!

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006, Leszek Matok wrote:

Isn't the "kmdls" system meant to be the cure to all of this? Is it even
a hack? I don't even think the package names are truly ugly.
Yes, the kmdl system is a hack as well.
Having the kernel release in the rpm name is a hack.
There are people who would even argue, that such a hack should prvent kmdl from even being considered at all for fedora.

People are going to make kernel module rpms anyhow. Forcing them to use
flawed design that's hard to use, maintain, keep in sync with kernel
updates and impossible to boot older kernels is worse than pushing Xorg
7.1 for FC5 which we're not doing because... we recognize the need for
people to use off-tree kernel modules :)
This is pure and utter BS. The reason for not introducing xorg 7 in fc5 was _not_ that people are using nvidia and ati kernel modules.

Please reread the "closure" thread.

The Board has spoken - using external kernel modules is a valid user choice and it's important to make it easier for the users. That's my understanding of The Board's decision.
Please reread the board's decision as well.
Right now, there's quite a lot of discussion on FESCO about these kernel modules. Please read up on the zaptel discussion, it's definitly not clear cut.

So, kmdls are the next step.
Sorry, wrong conclusion.


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