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Important: dmraid boot finally fixed, PLEASE include before FC-6

A friend of mine (chabotc xs4all nl) has been having
problems booting his
Dell XPS with the factory default raid setup (which he does
not want to change
because he doesn't want to remove all his data) ever since
the dmraid alignment
checks (bug 186842) were added to the kernel.

Since many people are suffering from the same problem and
this gives Linux /
Fedora a bad name, I decided last week to go and try to fix

So I've borrowed his PC and now after 8 full hours of
debugging I've found the
1) The problem is no longer the problem reported in
(which has 162 comments!) aka the multiple 
   chunksize problem), so this bug can and should be closed
2) Still dmraid setups don't work because there was a bug
in nash where it 
   didn't add the nescesarry dm "setup" lines to the initrd
script, this has
   been fixed in rescent mkinitrd versions, see
3) Still dmrais setups don't work because there is a bug in
nash where it
   doesn't create the nescesarry /dev/dm-x nodes. I've
filed a bug with patch
   for this, bug
4) Even when you've got a patched/updated mkinitrd with
   chances are that your system still won't bood, because
mkinitrd includes
   the usb-storage driver in the initrd, where it
shouldn't. Its discutable if
   this is an mkinitrd bug though. Too fix this remove any
lines containing
   usb-storage from /etc/modprobe.conf . An request to
filter these lines
   in mkinitrd has been filed,

Please, please fix this.

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