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Re: SSHd

On 8/19/06, Jeff MacDonald <jam zoidtechnologies com> wrote:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Hello,
> Why does FC ship openssh with sshd allowing root logins? And are there
> any plans to preempt the now routine sshd weak password hunting bots?
> Arthur Pemberton
I am +1 on the idea of fixing this in the shipped configuration
(disallow root logins). the way I've gotten rid of the bots is to run a
script called "denyhosts" that does a good job of things once configured
by blocking any host that fails a login 3 times in a row. it's slick :)

Yah. I am well aware of denyhosts, and I see it in extras, but if sshd
is being shipped on my default with the default port, hostdeny should
also be setup by default.

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