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Re: Multilib in FC7? Disable by default?

On Sun, 2006-08-20 at 19:23 +0200, dragoran wrote:
> >   
> ok I got confused by your title "disable by default"

Bad subject on my side.
Changed it to "Add option to disable multilib in Anaconda."

> >   
> I have never tryed it but all apps should somehow depend on glibc that 
> means removing it will remove all i386/686 apps.
> yum supports execuldearch so you can force it not to install i386 packages.
> but I don't see a point in removing them... a x86_64 capable box won't 
> have a small hardisk(s) so the extra libs wont be that much of a problem.

Disk space aside, if you don't need multilib, the same 25% chase you
until you delete all the i386 packages, read:
+25% Internet bandwidth (especially now that extra and updates are
integrated into Anaconda); +25% update time; +25% installation time;
Even worse, once you've finally finished the installation (updates
included), removing anything between 100 and 600 packages in no small
task - It'll most likely render the machine useless for an extra hour or

I'm not suggesting we ship a multilib less DVD. I am suggesting we added
an option to disable it during the installation.


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