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Re: Multilib in FC7? Disable by default?

On Monday 21 August 2006 09:49, seth vidal wrote:
> If you're at a datacenter installing linux then you should be installing
> by kickstart. If you're not doing that then you're doing a disservice to
> your customer b/c of the lack of a consistent install. :)

Er, s/Datacenter/Colo/  What if it's just my box there, I'm not going to 
hassle with setting up my laptop to be a kickstart server to reinstall one 
system or two.  My laptop might be the install source, but not a full blown 
kickstart box.

> And then the kickstart install should be something like:
> %packages
> %post
> yum remove \*.i?86
> yum install stuff_I_want

Doesn't this seem backwards to you?  Have anaconda run through, do all the dep 
checking, pull all the packages down and install them, then remove half of it 
(redoing dep checking), get a new list of packages to install, dep check 
again, download some more, and then install again?

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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