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Re: list of compiz/aiglx compatible cards?

On 08/21/06 14:02 -0500 Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, Kristian Hgsberg <krh redhat com> said:
> > As for ATI, r100 - r300 
> > should work, but there's an issue with maximum texture size.  We're trying 
> > to find a way to fix this, but for now, dropping the attached drirc in /etc 
> This is probably a dumb question (and yes, I've Googled for an answer
> first), but how do I enable all of this on a rawhide system?  How do I
> switch from metacity to compiz?
> With the update to Mesa last week, I can now test this on my test system
> (ATI R380), but I seemed to have missed _how_ to test it.
Not a dump question -- I'm working on a how-to. After you install compiz, you
can run the following commands to test:

gnome-window-decorator &
compiz --replace gconf

If it works it's quite something!


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