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Re: A sound or music when your desktop is starting?

Rex Dieter writes:
> Jesse Keating wrote:
> > On Thursday 17 August 2006 17:19, Damien Durand wrote:
> >> What do you think about a sound or music when your gnome ok kde desktop
> >> is starting? It's just an idea :-)
> > 
> > For gnome, System -> Preferences -> Sounds
> > 
> > For KDE, probably something in kcontrol.
> KControl -> Sound & Multimedia -> System Notifications
> to be exact. :)
And it's quite essential to a blind computer user like yours truly.

However, I find myself wishing I could have thelast action of the
desktop loading be some sound event -- so that I can know it's now OK to
start pressing keys -- to load my screen reader, for instance.

And, if this sound doesn't play that would likely be very strong
evidence that some message has popped up about something not working
correctly -- which just might be successfully dismessed by pressing Esc.

I should imagine making some sond file play as the last action of the
desktop being loaded is not a difficult thing, but I haven't a clue
where to put my aplay command. Advice on that would be most appreciated,
e.g. what's the desktop equiv of /etc/rc.local?

> -- Rex
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