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Re: updating mission on fedoraproject wiki?

Hans de Goede wrote:

I've just read's Max interview on Slashdot, and he says the following there:

"Our mission statement is clear, and is one that I think any open-source
developer would appreciate.

Fedora is about the rapid progress of Free and Open Source software.

That's it. We strive to produce a quality distribution of free software
that is cutting-edge, pushes the envelope of new open source technology,
and is also robust enough that it can be relied on for server or desktop
use. One of the terms that I really like, and that I think we're doing
better and better of making a reality is that of Fedora as an "open
development lab". As a user, if your priorities are cutting-edge
technology (without the nicks and cuts of a blade) and freedom, Fedora
is a great disto to use. "

I gully agree with this, maybe some of this can be added to the mission
part of the wiki?

It is. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Objectives.


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