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Re: Fwd: Mission Control

On 8/22/06, Patrick W. Barnes <nman64 n-man com> wrote:
On Tuesday 22 August 2006 00:30, "Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
> On 8/22/06, Luke Macken <lmacken redhat com> wrote:
> > On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 11:53:53PM -0500, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> > > Hi guys,
> > >

KDE's Control Center, kcontrol, is already much better than anything GNOME
has, IMNSHO.  ;-)  I'm sure you'll hear many different opinions with regard
to centralized configuration programs, but I don't imagine there would be
anything wrong with creating a simple front-end to tie the assorted
system-config-* tools together.  I believe some work has already been done to
that end, though I haven't heard anything about it in a long time.  If
somebody were to build such a thing, I'm sure many people would enjoy it.

There is a system-config-control in extras, which is kind of an
almagamation of various system-config-* tools in FC.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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