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Re: where have some X bitmaps gone?

Patrice Dumas wrote:

In the lesstif tests, there is a test with references to some bitmap
that used to be shipped with X:

#include <X11/bitmaps/Excl>
#include <X11/bitmaps/FlipHoriz>
#include <X11/bitmaps/FlipVert>
#include <X11/bitmaps/Left>
#include <X11/bitmaps/Right>
#include <X11/bitmaps/Up>
#include <X11/bitmaps/Down>
#include <X11/bitmaps/Fold>
#include <X11/bitmaps/Term>
#include <X11/bitmaps/woman>

I tried to find them, but I didn't succeed. Am I missing something?

Install xorg-x11-xbitmaps.  Any package that uses these bitmaps at
compile time should:

BuildRequires: xbitmaps-devel

Any package which requires them at runtime should instead have:

Requires: xbitmaps

By using these virtual provides, they should continue to work
correctly if the packages ever get renamed or aggregated in the

Hope this helps.

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