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Re: Fwd: Mission Control

Rahul wrote:
dragoran wrote:

Excellent. Now lets see people here do better.


we had something better in the past (Redhat Linux (- FC1?)) the start-here:/// nautilus window....

That just a collection of all preferences display in a single window. Not very different from the slab control panel.
sure its basicly the same but one difference:
(gnome) user use nautilus every day and has got used to the nautilus interface so having something like it for system-config-* would only make it easier for the users.
as for slab I have not looked at it yet but will do it know...
Magic urls have been progressively removed from nautilus. Either write up new tools or fix system-config-control to be a better user interface. Contribute.
at first we have to agree on what a better user interface should look like, a app with some buttons is not very different from the gnome-menu (like system-config-control)

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