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Re: Fwd: Mission Control

Ps Slab is ready for review to be included in FE:


If anyone has some free moments feel free to start the review process :-)

Am still trying to add some finishing touches to the functionality to fix an upstream bug (make it recognise the correct home mount on lvm/dmraid etc systems), but the package is otherwise fully ready

   -- Chris

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
On 8/22/06, Denis Leroy <denis poolshark org> wrote:
Leszek Matok wrote:
> Dnia 22-08-2006, wto o godzinie 17:32 +0200, Denis Leroy napisaƂ(a):
>>To be honest, I thought Arthur's screenshot was not quite fair to
>>system-config-control. Here's another one :
> Fight!

And now, slab:


I say: ship it!

It looks nice, but a few things:
- it is the kind of "control centre" that a DE should provide, I would
suggest replicating it instead of adding two it
- what is the "control center" icon for? it seems recursive
- what did you use to make the .avi?

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