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Re: compiz or metacity+composite

On 08/23/06 16:31 -0400 Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
> On 08/23/06 16:05 -0400 Louis Garcia II wrote:
> > What are the differences between compiz and metacity? I would like to
> > try the desktop bling on my box which has a radeon 9250. Metacity has a
> > composite manager, can I just enable that or is compiz better?
> You'll need to use compiz. If you install the latest version for development
> you can enable it just by System-->Prefs-->More Prefs-->Desktop Effects.
> Sam

Got it working and looks great. I think gnome workspace switcher is not aware
of compiz because it will only show one workspace. ctrl+alt+{left,right} arrow
changes the workspaces or cubes. It would be nice if the workspace switcher
did this, I guess it needs some code.

Also, I can't move a window to another workspace by right clicking the window bar.
Could this be related?


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