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Re: Compiz seems to hurt my metacity.

On 8/23/06, Naoki <naoki valuecommerce com> wrote:
Probably a stupid problem and not a bug but..

Latest rawhide :

$ rpm -q compiz metacity

When I try : System-->Prefs-->More Prefs-->Desktop Effects

It seems to remove all window management, I get all the applications
from my eight workspaces on the one screen, I can no longer switch
between workspaces (which has been reported before so I understand this
issue) and the applications no longer have borders and are unable to be

Anybody else seen this or have I a bodgy setup?

See similar stuff.

Try disabling and then reenabling desktop-effects. That 'fixed it' for
me (at least, up to the current state of 'working').


[The desktop-effects prefs app doesn't change the label of the button
to 'disable', but it seems to do that.]

Tom London

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