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Re: compiz or metacity+composite

Louis Garcia II wrote :

> Got it working and looks great. I think gnome workspace switcher is not aware
> of compiz because it will only show one workspace. ctrl+alt+{left,right} arrow
> changes the workspaces or cubes. It would be nice if the workspace switcher
> did this, I guess it needs some code.
> Also, I can't move a window to another workspace by right clicking the window bar.
> Could this be related?

Having the GNOME workspace switcher and compiz play nice together is
definitely something I'd like to have too, including the ability to
drag and drop the miniature of a window from a desktop to another.

The inability to "move to another workspace" or "set visible on all
workspaces" when right clicking the top window bar is also something I
miss. But I realized yesterday that you can move an application to the
neighbour workspaces by simply dragging it to the side and forcing a
bit. I noticed it when a window that was a little "off screen"...
could be seen partially in the next workspace :-)

Since today, my gkrellm finally appears on all workspaces... dunno
if I changed a setting or if something got fixed :-/ I have :
- set sticky
- set on top of other windows of the same type
- set window type to be a dock or a panel (this might be the trick)

Now what bothers me most is that switching to a tty and trying to get
back into X gives me a black screen, and I have to reboot the computer.
On both an r300 and an i810 setup. Is this known and has been filed? (I
couldn't find it in bugzilla)

Other than that, real terminal transparency is great and I'm lovin' all
the nice fading and wobbliness ;-)


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
Fedora Core release 5.91 (FC6 Test2) - Linux kernel 2.6.17-1.2583.fc6
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