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Extras x86_64 rawhide rebuild in mock status 2006-08-26

Extras Rawhide-in-Mock Build Results for x86_64 Sat Aug 26 04:23:57 CDT 2006

Note: This is using a reduced set of packages in the build chroot
starting with FC6test2. See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/FixBuildRequires for more
information, including the list of packages removed from the default
build chroot.

Note: You will need to rebuild your packages in Fedora Extras for FC6
starting August 28, 2006.  See here for more details:

Number failed to build: 88
Number expected to fail due to ExclusiveArch or ExcludeArch: 23
Leaving:  65
(there may be some duplicates if rawhide has 2 versions of a package)

Of those expected to have worked...
Without a bug filed: 65
GtkAda-2.4.0-11.fc5	gemi bluewin ch
MagicPoint-1.11b-2.fc5	byte fedoraproject org
NetworkManager-vpnc-0.7.0-0.cvs20060529.1.fc6	davidz redhat com
SDL_ttf-2.0.7-4.fc5	bdpepple ameritech net
WindowMaker-0.92.0-8.fc5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
alacarte-0.8-7.fc5	jpmahowald gmail com
atitvout-0.4-5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
banshee-0.10.12-1.fc6	caillon redhat com
boo-	paul all-the-johnsons co uk
camstream-0.26.3-9.fc5	nomis80 nomis80 org
contact-lookup-applet-0.14-3.fc6	bdpepple ameritech net
cowbell-	foolish guezz net
crm114-0-0.1.20060704.fc6	rpm greysector net
deskbar-applet-2.15.91-3.fc6	ivazquez ivazquez net
digikam-0.8.2-2.fc6	mgarski post pl
dillo-0.8.6-2.fc6	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
directfb-0.9.24-5.fc5	thomas apestaart org
ebtables-2.0.8-0.5.rc1.fc6	tcallawa redhat com
epiphany-extensions-2.14.1-1	caillon redhat com
gdesklets-0.35.3-8.fc6	luya_tfz thefinalzone com
gif2png-2.5.1-2.fc5	enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de
gnome-applet-music-0.9.0-1.fc6	ivazquez ivazquez net
gnome-schedule-1.0.0-1	frank scirocco-5v-turbo de
grhino-0.15.0-5.fc5	michel salim gmail com
gstreamer08-python-0.8.4-1.fc5	thomas apestaart org
gtksourceview-sharp-2.0-18.fc6	paul all-the-johnsons co uk
ifplugd-0.24-6	aaron bennett olin edu
jam-2.5-3.fc5	tcallawa redhat com
john-1.6-4	ghenry suretecsystems com
kmymoney2-0.8.4-1.fc6	rdieter math unl edu
ladspa-1.12-5	thomas apestaart org
leafpad-0.8.9-1.fc6	ivazquez ivazquez net
libpolyxmass-0.9.0-6.fc5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
libtabe-0.2.6-14	llch redhat com
logjam-4.5.3-4.fc6	tcallawa redhat com
mlton-20051202-8.fc6	adam spicenitz org
monodevelop-0.11-16.fc6	paul all-the-johnsons co uk
multisync-0.90.18-5.fc5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
nautilus-open-terminal-0.7-2.fc6	stickster gmail com
nautilus-search-tool-0.2-1.fc5	ivazquez ivazquez net
nco-3.1.2-1.fc6	ed eh3 com
new-1.3.7-2	redhat flyn org
ngrep-1.44-4.fc5	oliver linux-kernel at
opencv-0.9.7-15.fc5	nomis80 nomis80 org
php-pear-DB-1.7.6-6	rpm timj co uk
pl-5.6.16-1.fc6	gemi bluewin ch
python-TestGears-0.2-1.fc5	ivazquez ivazquez net
python-goopy-0.1-1	pjones redhat com
python-reportlab-1.20-5.fc5	bdpepple ameritech net
quarry-0.1.16-2.fc5	michel salim gmail com
rpmDirectoryCheck-0.8-2	enrico scholz informatik tu-chemnitz de
scanssh-2.1-6.fc5	oliver linux-kernel at
ser-0.9.6-7.fc6	andreas bawue net
serpentine-0.7-3.fc6	foolish guezz net
stratagus-2.1-5.fc6	lemenkov gmail com
synce-0.9.1-7.fc5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
synce-software-manager-0.9.0-5.fc5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
synce-trayicon-0.9.0-6.fc5	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
wlassistant-0.5.5-1.fc5	tcallawa redhat com
wv2-0.2.3-1.fc6	andreas bierfert lowlatency de
xaos-3.2.1-3.fc6	gemi bluewin ch
xbsql-0.11-6.fc6	tcallawa redhat com
xcin-2.5.3.pre3-27	llch redhat com
xplanet-1.0.1-7	jylitalo iki fi
xsupplicant-1.2.6-1.fc6	tcallawa redhat com

With bugs filed: 0

Full logs at http://linux.dell.com/files/fedora/FixBuildRequires/

Matt Domsch
Software Architect
Dell Linux Solutions linux.dell.com & www.dell.com/linux
Linux on Dell mailing lists @ http://lists.us.dell.com

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